Monday, October 3, 2011

Sometimes fantasy football can be very bittersweet. Horrible Losses puts up 131 points, but at what cost?

If you know anything about me, you know that I have always had poor luck in fantasy football. For instance, this season, I landed Reggie Wayne as one of my receivers, but I'll be damned if Peyton Manning picked this year to get injured. With Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter throwing Wayne the football, I might as well have Terrell Owens as one of my starters.

And, just like in past years, I got off to my usual 0-2 start this season. But I won last week, and this week, I actually crushed my opponent, 131-97.

Normally, I would be pretty estatic about this, but sadly, I am left with the same feelings that Geena Davis' character in "A League of Their Own" must have felt when she beat her sister in the big game at the end.

The draft for my league was autopick, and I don't know what my draft position was, but I landed Texans' running back Arian Foster with the first pick.

Since I have the worst luck in fantasy football, Foster was pretty much non-existent in the first three games of the season because of a hamstring injury. I didn't even start him for a couple of games because his status was always a "game-time decision", and you just can't take a chance that the coach will decide to sit a guy right before kick-off. As a fantasy owner, you're pretty much screwed when that happens.

However, Foster was cleared to play in yesterday's game against my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers.

I normally don't have any problems starting a fantasy player against the Steelers. A lot of fans won't, and it's funny, because they act like not starting one of their guys will actually help the Steelers win. I don't know if they know this or not, but whether they start them in their league or not, the player will still play in the actual game.

However, starting a running back against the Steelers defense is another matter. It's not usually wise to do that, but Foster was my number one pick. I had to start him, right?

Even though the Steelers defense has been struggling against the run (at least by their standards), I didn't think Foster would earn me many points yesterday. Well, he rushed for 155 yards and one touchdown. In my league, that amounted to 22 points.

That wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that the Texans defeated the Steelers, and Foster's touchdown was the difference in the game.

Now, if that wasn't bittersweet enough, I also have the Ravens' defense. I despise the Ravens, but since I wound up with their defense in the draft, I have to start them every week. I don't know the details of Baltimore's game against the Jets last night, but I do know that Baltimore's defense did enough to give me 32 points for my fantasy team.

Since I won by 34 points, one could say that Foster and Baltimore's defense were the difference.

I don't think I'll cry like Dottie Hinson did when she beat her sister, but I sure do feel bad.

So, even when I win, I can't really enjoy it. Congratulations, fantasy football universe. You win!

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