Friday, October 7, 2011

Monday Night Football Will No Longer Be Rowdy (At Least Not The Intro). Hank Williams Jr. Officially Axed by ESPN

Well, just the other day, I sort of hinted at the possibility of Hank Williams Jr. being permanently let go by ESPN after his controversial remarks comparing President Obama to Hitler, and after temporarily removing Williams' intro from this past Monday's Tampa/Indy contest, the network has made it official. ABC/ESPN has decided to part ways with the country legend, who began doing the intro to their Monday Night package in 1989.

If you click on the second link in this post, you'll see that Williams tried to put a "you can't fire me, I quit!" spin on the whole situation on his website and cited ESPN's infringement on his first amendment rights as one of the reasons. Well, I thought Joe Bendel of ESPN 970am brought up a good point yesterday about the freedom of speech. It works both ways. If a person is going to say something inflammatory, they better expect harsh reactions in return. And in the case of Williams, the harsh reactions came from his employer.

It's really not smart business to mix entertainment and politics, especially when you're entertaining a mainstream football audience that has varied political views.

Oh well, at any rate, thanks for helping us get rowdy all these years, Hank.

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