Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Steelers are about to make history (at least for them) with their fourth straight game against an AFC South opponent

I don't know how the NFL figures out its schedules every year. I know a computer is involved. I know that teams in the same division must play each other twice a year. I know each team must play four opponents from the other conference every season. I'm pretty sure I know that schedules are based on how well (or poorly) a team did the year before.

Beyond that, I haven't a clue.

But I do know that it's pretty rare for the Steelers to play a fourth-straight opponent from a different division in the AFC like they're about to do tomorrow afternoon at 1pm when they face their fourth-straight AFC South opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

How rare is this? Well, I did some research (thank you, wikipedia), and since 1978(the year the league switched to the current 16-game format), the Steelers have only played four-straight teams from a division other than their own one time before--in 2003, the Steelers took on four-straight opponents from the NFC West. Beings that each team must face four opponents from the opposite conference each year, I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later. But four-straight teams from a different division in the same conference? Well, the Steelers have had 34 different 16-game schedules since 1978, and tomorrow will be the first time that has occurred.

That's our Steelers. Always making history.

Go Steelers!

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