Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Steelers ship Timmons to Miami for 2015 first round pick

It looks like the Steelers may get their shot at a top cornerback after all.

It is being reported by various outlets that Pittsburgh has shipped starting inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons to the Dolphins for Miami's first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft (14th, overall).

In-addition to the Dolphins' first round pick, Pittsburgh will also get a conditional pick in next year's draft (fourth or fifth round). Also, Miami will get the Steelers first round pick in 2015 (22nd, overall) and a third round pick in 2016. 

It is a rather bold move by an organization that normally shies away from such things as it pertains to trades and the NFL Draft, but it does open up avenues for Ryan Shazier (a first round pick in 2014), Sean Spence (a third round pick in 2012, who came back from a horrific knee injury in his rookie year to play a significant amount of time last season), and Vince Williams (a sixth round pick in 2013, who has started several games early in his career and looks to be improving). 

Here's a quote regarding the decision to trade Timmons from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin: 

"Lawrence was the first player drafted under my tenure, so it's been a little extra special to see him grow and develop on a daily basis. Since then, he's earned my utmost respect both as a player and as a person. When you consider what he's put on tape, we obviously did not make the decision to move on lightly. But we live in our hopes, not in our fears, and Vince, Sean and Ryan now have their own record on tape, we're obviously more than confident about how we stand at the inside linebacker position. Obviously, we're excited at the doors we open with this trade. I wish Lawrence nothing but the best in Miami." 

Timmons, 28, made his first Pro Bowl a year ago after being drafted in the first round out of Florida State in 2007. He's started 94 games in the NFL, many for Steelers defenses which finished first, overall. 

For the always cap compromised Steelers, Timmons's cap number is over $12.5 million for 2015, so maybe that factored in to the move. Nevertheless, now with a much more appetizing first round pick in the draft at the end of this month, Pittsburgh is making a statement and obviously looks to be a major player. 

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