Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jim Schwartz vs. Jim Harbaugh

I never thought we'd be talking so much about the aftermath of a Lions/49ers game, but thanks to another offensive act by one of the Harbaugh brothers, we're doing just that.

After hist 49ers beat the Lions in an exciting 25-19 victory this past Sunday, an elated Jim Harbaugh ran across the field, jumping around, pumping his fists and screaming "fuck yeah!" When he got to Lions' coach Jim Schwartz for the obligatory handshake, he slapped the coach's hand and patted him on the back really hard. Well, Schwartz took exception to this and confronted Harbaugh as the two were exiting the field. The coaches had to be separated, and soon after a scrum ensued between several players from both teams.

Maybe Harbaugh wasn't trying to be offensive. I mean, it looked like he was just caught-up in the moment of a big win for his team, but come on. The way Harbaugh greeted Schwartz, it looked like he was celebrating with one of his players or assistant coaches. Everyone knows when the opposing coaches meet at midfield for the postgame handshake, no matter how exciting the finish just was, it's proper decorum for the victorious coach to act in a calm manner as he wishes his colleague well.

I don't think I celebrated that much when I used to beat my brother in Nintendo. If I did, he probably would have smacked me in the face.

Of course, Schwartz may not exactly be an innocent victim in this whole deal. Very early in the game, Harbaugh tried to challenge a touchdown for the Lions, but since every touchdown is automatically reviewed this season, San Fransisco was penalized 15-yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. After the penalty was called, Schwartz was seen taunting the 49ers' bench and screaming "know the rules, Harbaugh!"

Both teams are 5-1, and you just know they're going to meet again in the playoffs. It will probably be the most hyped postgame handshake in the history of football.

Handshake II: Death grip!

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