Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's like coach Tomlin was William Shatner and the Jacksonville reporters were Trekkies and they were doing that SNL skit from the 80's

For those of you who don't know, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin hung up on a group of Jacksonville reporters during a conference call after they, apparently, were trying to bait him into discussing the Jaguars' exciting, 31-29, victory over the Steelers in an AFC wildcard game at Heinz Field back in January of 2008.

One of the deciding plays in the final moments was a very blatant hold by the Jaguars on a pivotal 4th down play that wasn't called. The non-call set the Jags up for the game-winning field goal in the closing seconds.

Tomlin was asked about the controversial play more than once and politely warned the reporters to ask him questions relevant to this coming week's game. When they couldn't come up with anything in-time, Coach T abruptly hung up.

I thought it was funny because it must really be slim-pickings for pro football talk in Jacksonville for the town to be clinging to a postseason win from a few seasons ago. I mean, it's not like the victory was a foundation that the organization has since built upon.

And I don't even think it's the most important victory in the history of the Jags' franchise. They had a much bigger playoff win in Denver back in '96 which advanced them to the AFC Championship game in only their second season.

What Tomlin did kind of reminds me of how former child actors sometimes react when they make public appearances decades later and fans of their old tv show still insist on making them act-out their old character and ask countless questions about every aspect of the their classic show.

Or better yet, remember the old SNL skit where William Shatner made fun of the many Trekkies who traveled the universe attending Star Trek conventions?

Come on, Jacksonville reporters. Get a life! It's just a wildcard victory from a few years ago. I mean, what has your team done with itself since then?

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