Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Steelers have scored 52 unanswered points against the Seahawks since the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XL

Remember when Big Ben made each and every Steelers fan grab their heads and scream "oh no!" in unison after he threw that horrible pass that was picked off in the end zone and returned deep into Steelers territory? The Steelers were set to put the game away, but the interception set-up a Matt Hasselbeck to Jerramy Stevens touchdown pass that got Seattle back in the game and made the score 14-10 late in the 3rd quarter.

Since then the Steelers have scored 52-straight points against Seattle.

There was that Antwaan Randle El to Hines Ward option pass in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl XL that helped clinch the championship for Pittsburgh.

Of course, immediately after that game, the Seahawks organization and their fans started complaining about all the unjust calls that went against Seattle.

The whining hasn't stopped, and Seahawks fans still insist that their team should have won that game.

Since February 5th, 2006, the Seahawks have had two cracks at Pittsburgh to try and gain a measure of "revenge" for what they considered a Super Miscarriage of Justice.

In the Fall of 2007, the Seahawks could have really endeared themselves to their "fans" by coming to Heinz Field and knocking off the Steelers in-front of their Terrible Towel waving Nation. A lot of players from Super Bowl XL were still on Seattle's roster. It could have really proved a point.

How did they respond? The Steelers shut them out, 21-0.

Only two Super Bowl XL participants still remained on Seattle's roster as they entered Heinz Field today for another showdown in Pittsburgh. The Seahawks have a new coaching regime, and in all honesty, are just trying to make themselves respectable. However, since Pittsburgh's week one game was such a train wreck, and Steelers fans were ready to pound the panic button repeatedly, the Seahawks could have been the team to really send us over the edge with an upset victory in week two.
How did Seattle respond? They lost, 24-0.

Heck, Bill Leavy was the head-official for today's game. All the Seahawks had to do was keep it close, and Leavy may have been guilt-tripped into calling a close-play in their favor. They never even gave him a chance.

Speaking of Leavy making calls, my favorite moment of today's game occurred when Mike Tomlin mysteriously challenged the play where the Seahawks stuffed Rashard Mendenhall on 4th and goal from the one yard-line early in the 1st quarter.

Why would Tomlin challenge such an obvious goal line stand? My theory is he was hoping Mike Holmgren was watching somewhere and wanted to show him what an obvious goal line stop looked like as opposed to Ben Roethlisberger's dive in the first half of Super Bowl XL that was called a touchdown on the field and couldn't have been overturned because there was no evidence to support such a decision.

Mike Tomlin wasn't even with the Steelers' organization back then and even he's sick of hearing the Seahawks whine about the calls.

The Seahawks have been stuck on February 5th, 2006, for so long, they're paralyzed. No points against the Steelers in over five years. That, folks, is what I call living in the past.

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