Monday, August 12, 2013

Sidney Crosby gets superstar treatment at DMV, and people care way more than they should

In a story that could only make national (or since the NHL is God in Canada, sort of international) news in 2013 is the one involving Penguins superstar center Sidney Crosby's preferential treatment when he went to the DMV to get his license renewed.

Upon arriving at the DMV, he was quickly ushered to the front of the line. According to the link provided in the first paragraph, it was DMV supervisors who determined that it was the best course of action as to not create delays with people bothering Crosby for autographs and pictures, and not some diva-like demand by Crosby, himself.

In fact, it also states quite clearly that this is standard policy for most celebrities, so my guess is the only people reacting negatively to Crosby are the people who either didn't read the story or already hate him.

I think a little perspective is needed in this instance. Crosby didn't cut to the front of the line at Presby's emergency room. He didn't call up a Toys R Us and demand that every toy in the store be taken off the shelf so he could buy them and deprive every little kid in the neighborhood presents for Christmas.

You know what else Crosby didn't do? He didn't utter a racial slur at a Kenny Chensey concert. He isn't awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He didn't lie about using performance enhancing drugs and then fess up when he realized he had no other alternative.

Sidney Crosby is a good dude, and if your car is stuck in snow at the airport, he may just help shovel it out.

My, how quickly people forget.

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