Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pirates Lose to the Mets, 6-0: Officially Eliminated from Postseason

Ever go back to an old neighborhood that you grew up in and find yourself disappointed because a place that was once so vibrant and full of life now is so empty and quiet?

Not to sound too dramatic, but that's how the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates baseball season has been for me and thousands of other Pirates fans out there. Two months ago, there was very real hope and excitement for a winning season and a postseason berth.

Well, we can officially forget about the postseason berth, and the hopes for the winning season should be dashed any day now. It's OK, though, because the Pirates aren't deserving of a spot in the playoffs or a winning season. Winners don't go into 16-35 "slumps," and that's the Bucco record since August 1st.

Now, at 76-79, we can only hope that they make it to maybe 80 wins, which would represent a high-mark for the squad since their last winning season in 1992. However, that would require a 4-3 "hot-streak," and I'm not so sure the Pirates are even capable of that anymore. They can't even win two-games in a row these days, let alone four games in a week.

I hate to question a team's heart, because it's impossible to determine, but how else can you explain such a lifeless team after such an energetic start to the season? I can't explain it. But then again, I've never been able to figure these guys out.

Oh well, we'll always have the memories of the once vibrant neighborhood.

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