Friday, July 19, 2013

Suspect in Adams' stabbing says second-year Steeler instigated incident on June 1st

As reported by Behind the Steel Curtain and various other news outlets, Michael Paranay and his lawyer claimed on Thursday that Mike Adams, the Steelers second year offensive lineman, was the aggressor in a June 1st confrontation on the South Side that resulted in Adams being stabbed two-times--including an abdominal wound that required emergency surgery. Paranay, along with Duquay Means and Jarrell Whitlock, have been arrested and charged with assaulting Adams.

It's no surprise that the suspects are claiming Adams was the bully. After all, isn't that what most criminals do? Didn't Aaron Hernandez just plead "not guilty" to the murder of Odin Lloyd even though there appears to be sufficient motive and evidence to place Hernandez at the scene of Lloyd's death?

Of course Paranay, Means and Whitlock are going to try to spin it around and place the blame on Adams. However, even if Adams did start trouble with the three suspects, was that enough to justify Adams being stabbed.........twice? I've talked with several people about the Adams' situation, and believe it or not, some people have said that they could picture a scenario in-which the stabbing was justified

I just don't see it.

You take an unarmed man, albeit one who is a rather large NFL player, and put him up against three guys. Even though the three guys are much smaller than the larger man, I find it hard to believe they wouldn't have an upper-hand in any sort of confrontation.

What could Adams have possibly been doing to these three guys that would have warranted a retaliation strong enough to potentially kill him? After all, when a person gets shot or stabbed, especially in a vital part of the body, the usual intention of the shooter or stabber is for that person's life to end........right?

Anyway, that's a whole different blog entry that I just don't want to get into.

Call me biased, but in cases like this, I have a tendency to believe the victim with no prior felony convictions and not the suspects with multiple felonies to their names.

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