Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ESPN's Greatest NFL Head Coach of All-time

My buddy Keith Thomas of Steel Curtain Rising, brought to my attention an on-going poll conducted by ESPN, asking fans to vote for the greatest NFL Head Coach of all-time.

While that is certainly a subject that can be argued about for hours, there is no question that a strong case can be made for Chuck Noll, the legendary Steelers coach who was the architect of four Super Bowl championships in the 70's. In fact, not only did Noll lead his team to four Lombardi trophies, he's the only head coach to do so--while the late Bill Walsh was mostly responsible for the 49ers winning four Super Bowls in the 80's, he retired before San Francisco won Super Bowl XXIV, following the 1989 season.

While credit has to be given to team president Dan Rooney and scouts such as Art. Rooney Jr. and Bill Nunn, Noll was in charge of assembling a Steelers squad that would eventually send nine players to the Hall of Fame. And in 1979, Pittsburgh became the first (and maybe only) NFL team to win a Super Bowl with a roster full of players who never played for another team.

No matter where he finishes in this poll, there is no doubt that Noll is one of the all-time greats.

Click on the link in the first paragraph and cast your vote.

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