Sunday, December 2, 2012

Notre Dame vs. Alabama for the BCS National championship: Let the ratings begin!

Alabama came back to defeat Georgia in the SEC Championship game Saturday night to secure the program's second straight appearance in the BCS Title game. The Crimson Tide, the defending National champions, will meet top ranked Notre Dame January 7th.

It's the first appearance in the BCS title game for the Fighting Irish, who are seeking their first national title since 1988.

Alabama also won the National title following the 2009 season, so a victory over Notre Dame would not only mark the first time a team has won back-to-back BCS Championships, it would be the Tide's third title in four seasons.

It will also be the seventh straight season in-which at least one school from the powerful SEC will appear in the championship game.

As far as television ratings are concerned, this has to be a dream matchup for ESPN, the network that holds the rights to broadcast the BCS.

The Crimson Tide aren't just the most important thing in the state of Alabama, they're also a national brand, complete with eight national championships.

As for Notre Dame, the program has been a bit down in recent years (at least for them), but make no mistake, the Irish still generate the ratings, and much like Frank Sinatra, who was still filling up Las Vegas venues back in the 70's despite being over the hill and past his prime, Notre Dame fans go to see their team play regardless of its record, and regardless of what bowl it's in--to say Fighting Irish fans travel well would be the understatement of understatements.

With a perennial national powerhouse in Alabama and a Notre Dame program that finally has the on-the-field credentials to match its long-time national cache--the Irish also have eight national titles--the 2013 BCS title game could be the most hyped college football game in the past two-decades. And if the over-the-top rabid fan bases of both programs have anything to say about it (which, make no mistake, they will), it could be the most talked about football game of 2013, period.

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