Sunday, September 26, 2010

I think Batch should start when Roethlisberger comes back

Psyche!!!!!! Gotcha! You thought I lost my mind, didn't you?

But Charlie did look great today. He was a tad bit lucky on some throws, particuarly the 2 touchdown passes to Mike Wallace, but overall, he looked great and the offense looked really good and smooth with Batch in there. I think Batch showed patience within the pocket, looking downfield to make plays even when the pocket broke down a little.

The offensive line looked really good and opened up holes for Mendenhall and Redman, especially once the score got out of hand.

And what can you say about the defense? They looked sloppy at times with some missed tackles, but every time Tampa Bay looked like they were going to make a game of it, the D clamped down and made the plays that mattered.

When Brett "The Diesel" Kiesel returned that tipped pass for a touchdown, I about lost my mind. It's been a long time since I could sit back and enjoy a game like today's. There were many contests last year that looked like they were heading in a 38-13 direction, but they always found themselves having to fight tooth and nail because of a crucial turnover, penalty or defensive lapse.

I thought the kicking game was splendid today. Sepulveda punted, what, once all day? And how about Skippy putting the kickoffs in the end zone?

I was obviously kidding about Charlie Batch starting in favor of Ben, but I was really happy for Batch, especially since he would have undoubtedly been cut if Byron Leftwich didn't get hurt in the final preseason game.

Lastly, what are the odds of someone calling into some talk show and seriously suggesting what I said in my tongue'n cheek title?

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